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My compass of life


½ day

Align the goals, decisions and actions of employees with those of the organization.

When I identify my needs and goals, I can take steps to satisfy them. This may include changes in my lifestyle, my relationships, my career...


This training is aimed at anyone who wishes to:

  • Clarify your goals (and/or those of the organization).

  • Gain self-knowledge

  • Make decisions and act in a more informed manner

  • Promote alignment of goals/decisions/actions


Through an experimental approach and a personal questionnaire, participants will connect to their essential goals and their key issues in order to be able to establish an action plan adapted to their reality.


* the content covered varies depending on the duration of the workshop

  • Understanding the 14 goals

  • Classification of the latter according to different criteria/reading grids

  • Collective reflection around the goals of the organization

  • Alignment of collective/individual goals


  • (Awareness of) Emotional Intelligence

  • Self esteem

  • ...

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