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The customer journey in your company leaves emotional traces in the customer's head.

All of these traces represent the customer experience.


Consumers with an emotionally positive experience are:

5x to 6x + likely to buy again

12x+ inclined to recommend

7x+ inclined to try a new product/suggestion

5x + inclined to forgive a mistake

  • Where are my teams' emotional intelligence skills?

  • How can we review and optimize our customer processes from this new angle?

  • How can we integrate emotional intelligence into our customer relationship management processes and IT systems?

Young teacher

Demand for emotional intelligence skills will increase on average 6x in the next three years
Capgemini Research Institute - 2019

CX2 allows your internal teams and/or your Business Process Outsourcing service providers to make the right decisions in order to have a positive impact on the emotional experience of your customers.

Team Meeting

With CX2, emotional intelligence is integrated into the management and optimization practices of the relationship with your customers.

This both at the level of your processes, your IT systems and the relational skills of your employees.

The emotional intelligence services and products developed in CX2 are composed of:

  • time to analyze and optimize your processes,

  • integration of IT measurement and monitoring tools into your IT systems,

  • training and time to develop the relational skills of employees responsible for the customer experience.

marketing team meeting


The feelings of your employees and your customers:

  • in real time

  • 100% anonymously

  • by segmentation or target groups


The data at sight:

  • targeted objectives

  • contextual information  

  • based on scientific and statistical models from Seen-apps


Based on the suggestions for actions provided by

  • Potential causes

  • Means to be implemented

  • Problematic sources in  flow, relational positioning ...

To act

Carry out the decided targeted actions:

  • Process changes

  • Ad-hoc IT adaptations

  • Targeted training for employees

  • Emotional pedagogy to clients...

and fast

Integrated into your IT systems via API, Web Services, Stand Alone...

On-line and synthetic

Integration possible with your BI indicators and systems

and adapted

Support in interpreting the results and desired effects of decisions made

and efficient

Support and progressive empowerment of your employees

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