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Client experience
User | Patient | Beneficiary

Improve your customer experience
thanks to emotional intelligence
and favorably influence the brand image of your company and/or your products-services

  • Customer experience and needs

  • Communication and sales and marketing relationships with customers

  • Conflict management and problem solving with customers

  • Customer experience and needs

  • Customer satisfaction and engagement

  • Personalization of the customer experience

  • Optimization of customer journeys

  • Optimization of customer events

La relation client

Relation client

A simple and direct connection to customer feelings and experiences

Customer emotions and opinions are identified and taken into account in a meaningful way. This level of empathy is essential to building a qualitative relationship with customers.


A better understanding of customer needs and goals

Understanding needs allows you to create personalized experiences adapted to each customer while respecting your ambitions.

Qualitative sales and marketing relationships and communications

Customer relations are enriched with communications that are clearer, more understandable because they are more targeted and adapted to customer needs. Messages and visuals are also more impactful in terms of memorability because they are more specific and adapted to the desired emotional intentions.


Effective problem and conflict management

Individuals with high emotional intelligence (EI) are able to adapt to their customers' stressful emotions, adjusting their approach accordingly to maintain a positive interaction. IE thus helps to manage these situations constructively, resolving problems while preserving customer relations.

Parcours client

The customer journey

An enriched connection to customers’ feelings and experiences

Emotional intelligence (EI) makes it easier to receive and understand customer feedback. This allows you to better understand how customers are feeling at each stage of the journey in a simple, fast and reliable way.

connection (1).png

Significant personalization of the customer experience

Emotional intelligence (EI) helps understand customer emotions and needs. This makes it possible to further personalize the customer journey, offering interactions and recommendations tailored to their specific expectations.

Anticipating customer needs

It becomes possible to anticipate customer needs based on emotional signals. This helps prevent potential issues and offer proactive solutions before the customer even asks.


Managing emotionally intense journeys is improving

Some customer journeys can be emotionally charged, whether due to service issues, product changes, or other events. EI helps manage these situations in a way that soothes emotions and maintains a positive experience.

Creating memorable key moments

Using EI makes it possible to target and promote memorable emotional states along the customer journey. These positive moments reinforce brand perception and can positively influence customer loyalty and recommendation level.


Creation of a positive customer-oriented culture promoting continuous improvement


A team or organization with high EI is more likely to create a positive culture, which is reflected in customer experience. Positive interactions with staff contribute to an overall positive guest experience.

Individuals with high EI are able to provide and receive feedback constructively. This promotes continuous improvement of the customer experience by identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

You can find more information on integrating EI into the internal practices of your company-organization by following this link .

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