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Method of # (For oneself and the other)


1 day

This method of individual and collective experimentation allows me to deepen the reception and active listening to my emotions, and those of others, to increase my connection to myself and promote collective cohesion. It is also a regulatory tool that allows us to identify avenues of action both individually and collectively.





The # method favors:

  • Better knowledge/understanding of oneself and others.

  • Improving interpersonal communication.

  • The development of empathy.

  • Reduction and avenues for conflict resolution.

  • Strengthening relationships and trust within the organization and teams.

  • Problem solving by providing ideas to increase efficiency, safety or justice depending on the situation and context

Through both a theoretical approach and practical collective exercises, participants will:

  • Become familiar with the # Method

  • (re) Browse the emotional quadrants of the Mood Meter,

  • Develop their listening skills, reformulation...

  • Accept your own emotions:

    • Why and how?

    • How to: The Mood Meter and the emotional quadrants

  • Welcoming the emotions of others (collaborator and/or team):

    • Listen: active listening posture

    • ​Recognize the emotion of the other (reformulation).

    • # Method and Mood Meter

  • Self-esteem level 1

  • My life compass.

  • EI and health

  • Motivations, personalities and EI

  • Leading, leading and facilitating groups

  • Training in leadership and management of employees and teams

  • Business management - Social risk engagement and prevention programs

  • Emotional intelligence at the heart of commercial relationships

  • Emotional intelligence for customer experience and satisfaction

  • ...

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