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EI at the heart of the commercial relationship


1 day

Master Emotional Intelligence to improve your daily connections and business relationships

This training is for you if you want to strengthen your skills:

In communication to build trusting relationships and improve customer engagement.

Relational to interact effectively with your customers and resolve conflicts in a constructive and more harmonious way.




  • Develop self-awareness : improve your understanding of your own emotions, needs, strengths and limitations to better manage your reactions and behaviors.

  • Understanding and responding to customer emotions and needs : Develop the ability to detect, understand and respond effectively to customers' expressed or unexpressed emotions and needs, in order to personalize interaction and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Managing and welcoming client stress : Develop skills to recognize and manage the stress and anxiety experienced by clients, providing empathetic support and transforming stressful situations into positive experiences for the client.

  • Master Emotional Management and Problem Solving : Learn to use emotional intelligence to identify underlying issues, generate creative solutions, and make informed decisions, even in complex situations.

This program is designed to provide participants with the tools and techniques necessary to harness the power of emotional intelligence, improve their business relationships, and ultimately, their performance within the company.

  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EI):

    • Definition and key components

    • Importance of EI in commercial and professional relations

  • Self-awareness and self-assessment:

    • Techniques for identifying and understanding your own emotions and needs

    • Practical exercises

  • Emotion management, active listening and empathetic communication:

    • Techniques for recognizing and managing the emotions of customers and colleagues

    • Strategies for regulating your own emotions and staying calm under pressure

    • Practices for Developing Empathy and Strengthening Connections with Customers

    • Conflict management exercises

  • Advanced Emotion Management Techniques for Problem Solving:

    • Identifying signs of stress and anxiety in clients

    • Using emotional intelligence for in-depth problem analysis

    • Methods for creating a welcoming and safe environment for customers, promoting a positive customer experience even in difficult circumstances

    • Practical communication and intervention exercises to calm and reassure stressed customers while providing effective solutions

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