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Leadership and management of employees and teams


3 days

Emotions greatly influence professional life and the ability of a leader/manager to reveal the potential of his colleagues and teams . It is therefore a question of taming them and developing your emotional intelligence on a daily basis. in order to promote authentic and involving leadership, conducive to greater cohesion.


  • You are leaders/managers (or led to be) and you want to:

  • Connect with yourself and others while taking into account each person's needs and expectations?

  • Develop your decision-making and judgment skills?

  • Support the self-development and potential of each member of your team?

  • Move forward adequately and efficiently as a team?

  • Strengthen cohesion, coherence and alignment between the needs of your team members and those of the organization?

  • Support the development of authentic leadership through emotional and collective intelligence practices?


Two main stages mark out this training

1/ Training and learning times combining practices and integration of concepts (2 days)

2/ The professional anchoring workshop to reinforce the practices acquired in your daily professional reality (1 day)


(the content covered varies depending on the duration of the workshop)

  • Develop your emotional intelligence in order to strengthen your leadership positions and attitudes.

    • Develop knowledge and connection to yourself

    • Develop connection to others

    • Develop decision-making skills

    • Promote growth and self-realization

  • Support the development and potential of each team member on a daily basis (e.g. 1/1 meeting)

    • Be attentive to feelings, experiences and needs

    • Know the individual (personality, goals, resources, etc.)

    • Giving and receiving feedback...

  • Move forward adequately and efficiently as a team

    • Lead team meetings by increasing connection, involvement and effectiveness of decisions and actions taken

    • Promote alignment/coherence of team action while developing cohesion (e.g.: relational adjustments of experiences via emotional quadrants, team work on common goals, strengthening of complementary resources, etc.)


  • The # method

  • Self esteem

  • My compass of life

  • ...

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