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An approach combining scientific concepts
and practices linked to your realities on the ground

In what emotional context?

My development
Mon développement Formation


Awareness of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) on a daily basis:
It's what ? How to develop it? What benefits?

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Develop my emotional and relational skills.

Emotional Regulation

Develop conscious emotional regulation and the repertoire of regulation techniques taking into account the needs and contexts experienced.

Self-esteem (Level 1 & 2)

Understand and develop my self-esteem


The # method for yourself

Deepen active listening to my emotions to increase my connection to myself and my needs.

Motivations, personalities and EI

Integrate my sources of motivation and my personality traits into my daily actions.

My compass of life

Align my goals, my decisions and my actions thanks to my feelings.



Take action and improve my mental and physical health with emotional intelligence.


Better understand each other


Develop my emotional and relational skills in order to enrich the daily family experience.


Tailor-made individual support

It can be useful for people who are going through personal or professional difficulties. It can also be suitable for people who want to develop their potential and achieve their goals.

Our training and support also gives you the opportunity to benefit from your access to our digital monitoring and support solution: e-Moi .

This is to facilitate the integration of the practices learned into your daily life after your training.

Entreprise - Organisation Formation
Collaborateurs Academy

The content is obviously personalized and adapted to the experience within the company/organization.

Workshops and training include access to e-Moi , the digital solution for supporting employees' daily progress.

These training courses/workshops can be given in groups within the company or in inter-company groups on the dates proposed for each theme by Seen-apps.

Management Academy

Training in leadership and management of employees and teams

EI for the development of managerial practices and team leadership.

EI serving the daily development of each employee/team member.

EI for the development of transactional and/or authentic leadership.

Self-esteem for leaders & managers (Level 3)

Understand and measure the impact of self-esteem on team performance to strengthen it within employees by integrating adapted approaches that aim to prevent overinvestment and promote their professional and personal growth.

Intell Coll Academy

Leading, leading and facilitating groups

EI serving the animation of meetings, projects, training, support for change.

EI serving the continuous improvement of training practices, support, projects and internal team or company/organization events.

Pilotage Academy

Business management - Social risk engagement and prevention programs

The implementation of a program to develop commitment and manage disengagement at work as well as its direct effects (turnover, absenteeism, etc.).

Preventive management of psychosocial risks and the implementation of a program integrating the development of commitment to work.

The integration of ESG ( Environment Social Governance, etc.) indicators and related practices within the company/organization.

Expérience client Formation

User | Patient | Beneficiary

Emotional intelligence at the heart of commercial relationships

Develop my emotional and relational skills in order to enrich daily connection and business relationships.

Emotional intelligence for customer experience and satisfaction

Customer experiences and needs throughout the customer journey are greatly improved by emotional intelligence, both in the simplicity and quality of the collection and in the resulting recommendations. This training will help you integrate the codes and practices of emotional intelligence into your customer experience development practices.

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