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Self-knowledge pack

Durée: 2 jours

(½ journée par module)

This training pack offers the opportunity to better understand oneself and thus engage in an authentic opportunity for development towards greater personal alignment and self-knowledge.

This 2-day pack includes ½ day of training in Emotional Intelligence , and the following modules

Module 1

Align my goals, my decisions and my actions thanks to my feelings

When I identify my needs and goals, I can take steps to satisfy them. This may include changes in my lifestyle, my relationships, my career...




This workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to:

  • Gain self-knowledge

  • Make decisions and act in a more informed manner

  • Promote alignment of goals/decisions/actions

Through an experimental approach and a personal questionnaire, participants will connect to their essential goals and their key issues in order to be able to establish an action plan adapted to their reality.

  • Understanding the 14 goals.

  • Classification of the latter according to different criteria/reading grids.

  • Developing a personal action plan.

Module 2

Integrate my sources of motivation and my personality traits into my daily actions.




This workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to:

  • Increase self-connection through understanding activities/contexts that bring energy and pleasure on a daily basis.

  • Discover personal strategies to recharge your emotional batteries.

Practical and fun experiments on the dynamics of Primary Motivations (Primary Personalities) from the NeuroCognitive and Behavioral Approach (ANC).

  • Les Motivations primaires:

    • De quoi s'agit-il ?

  • Les différents types de motivations.

  • Identification de ses motivations primaires personnelles.

  • Stratégies d'action personnelles.

Module 3




Exploration of personality questionnaires: such as the Big Five (or model of the big five factors), measures of emotional skills... to assess and understand different aspects of personality and emotional behavior.

This training stage will be marked by:

  • contributions of theoretical knowledge

  • time for self-diagnosis and personal reflection (through, for example, individual questionnaires)

Big Five:

  • theoretical description

  • personal test

Emotional skills

  • theoretical description

  • personal test

Conclusions and perspectives for action

  • Personal Action Plan: Development of a personalized and targeted action plan aimed at applying the knowledge acquired and implementing new practices to improve

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