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Parents - children and EI


2 x ½ day

Develop my emotional and relational skills in order to enrich the daily family experience.




These workshops are aimed at people who wish to develop their emotional and relational skills to:

  • Better understand their emotions, and understand those of their children.

  • Connect to their needs, and those of their children.

  • Facilitate communication and the quality of their family relationships.

Through both theoretical and practical/experimental methodology, participants will explore emotional language and discover:

  • How to identify, name and spot the causes of their (and other family members') emotions.

  • How to express and understand their own needs (and those of their children) in order to guide their (re)actions and behaviors.

  • Ways of emotional regulation.

  • How to integrate these practices into the heart of the family unit.

  • The influence of emotions on a daily basis.

  • What is an emotion?

  • What is emotional intelligence?

  • The Mood Meter (the emotional quadrants).

  • Emotional skills:

    • Identify my emotional quadrant

    • Understanding my emotions

    • Name my emotions

    • Express my emotions

    • Emotional regulation avenues

  • Personal action plan

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