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Duration: 3 modules of 2 days

Organizational management :
Social risk engagement and prevention programs .
ESG - The “S” factor and sustainable organizational social performance.

Meet current business-organizational performance challenges in a context of major changes with our training on ESG, the S factor and sustainable social performance.

Identify the Environmental, Social and Governance criteria in your strategy .
From the “S” factor , explore and integrate new sustainability opportunities , learn to go beyond simple normative requirements , and develop concrete initiatives to strengthen the sustainable social performance of your company-organization .


ESG analysis (integrating Environmental, Social and Governance factors) and European CSRD reporting obligations lead the financial sphere to take a new look at the strategy and performance of your company-organization.

This training lays the foundations to move forward concretely and allow you to:
1. understand the ESG analysis mechanisms , the regulatory provisions on CSRD indicators and concretely transpose them into your business strategy.

2. meet the requirements of the ESG S factor more precisely while developing sustainable social performance in your company-organization. To do this, you will be able to transpose the benchmarks, knowledge and tools acquired into the situation of your company in terms of sustainable social performance.

After the training, you will be able to take different concrete initiatives to act on the sustainable social performance of your company-organization while meeting ESG standards.



  • This program offers a combination of theoretical elements , interactive discussions , practical case studies and real-world workshops to ensure in-depth understanding and practical application of ESG concepts and social performance in the context of CEO-led businesses. participants.

  • In order to preserve the interactive aspect of the sessions and to allow the exercises and scenarios to run smoothly, we voluntarily limit the number of participants.

  • Monitoring of the initiatives taken is orchestrated after the training.

The program consists of 3 modules spread over 6 days of training :

Module 1 : The ESG concept, the regulatory framework and reporting

  • Understanding of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors

  • ​Role and impact of ESG initiatives in the current context of economic and environmental changes.

  • Analysis of European CSRD reporting obligations

Module 2 : Integration of ESG factors into Corporate Strategy

  • Development of a strategic approach to incorporate ESG criteria into your company's long-term vision.

  • Identification of opportunities to create value through sustainability.

Module 3 : “S” Factor – Sustainable Social Performance

  • Exploration of levers to strengthen the social dimension of the company.

  • Application of the concepts and levers of the “S” factor and social performance to the situation of your company

  • Concrete implementation of mechanisms and development of a roadmap to integrate the elements identified within your organization

  • Presentation and sharing of action plans among peers


  • Emotional intelligence

  • Motivations, personalities and EI

  • The # method for oneself and for others

  • My compass of life

  • Self esteem

  • ...

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