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We are able to measure emotions wherever they are

We then deduce needs

We help you to identify them, understand them

and to benefit from them as:


To know yourself | To appreciate yourself | To be in relation

Managing emotions

Mental Health


Employee experience | Customer experience

Engagement | Disengagement

Mental health | ESG | Social performance

In what emotional context do you want to act?

My development

Entreprise - Organisation

Client experience

User | Patient | Beneficiary

  • My experience and my needs

  • Know myself - Understand myself (my needs and goals , my driving forces, my brakes...)

  • ​My well-being and mental health

  • ​My resources
    (e.g. training
    support - coaching...)

  • My social relationships
    (e.g. couple, family, friends, colleagues...)

  • Employee's experience and needs

  • Employee's development

  • Employee's well-being and mental health

  • Relationships in the company/organization
    (e.g. meetings , projects , training , events, etc.)

  • Team management/leadership

  • Business management
    (e.g. Environment Social Governance...)

  • Customer's experience and needs

  • Customer's satisfaction and engagement

  • Tailormade customer's experience

  • Customer's journeys

  • Communication and sales and marketing relationships with customers

  • ​Customer's events

Developing emotional skills improves
these 5 key areas of life

flower power _edited.jpg

Attention, memory
and learning

Decision making

Social relations

Thin slices of citrus and fruit are tran

Mental Health
Physical Health



and performance

Total number of emotions shared
by Seen-apps' users to date

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